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Not so good news for Myspace, as 5% of employees are being laid off

Myspace remade themselves over and over throughout the years. The most recent has been with the debut of the “New Myspace” back in June, 2013. Artists were invited to engage in the new “back to basics” community, for musicians and fans to interact with each other. Everything else was cut and removed, and the core[…]

Spamming Facebook

Spamming is big business, where on Facebook spammers make $200m annually

Facebook has over 1.1 billion monthly active users on it’s social network. The biggest online peer-to-peer network of it’s kind, where all the rest bow down to it’s greatness. But when you are this big, small suckerfish attach to you like a whale, using you for everything you got. Spamming across the web is big[…]


Myspace has released profile insights to help you gauge site activity

It’s not all too often that you see big things coming from Myspace these days, but I must admit, their latest addition to the newest version of Myspace has me intrigued. What a better way to engage users on your platform than to add page analytics? That is what Myspace has done, with Profile Insights.[…]


ICYMI: the New Myspace officially launched today

Yep, you read that right. Myspace. It’s back (again, and again). It seems like every few months, it’s making some sort of come back. Well, now it’s official, and available to everyone. Late last year, Myspace teased the New Myspace, with beta invite only, for users to test out the site. After many months of[…]

Twitter Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden dead, celebration ensues

Last night as I was getting ready for the upcoming week and getting ready to call it a night, I saw breaking news that President Obama would address the nation.  I thought, this must be serious, 10:30pm (EST) on a Sunday night.  Strange.  Maybe it’s about Libya, but thats not breaking enough to happen late[…]