Protecting your privacy on the web

“You can’t have 100% security, while still having 100% privacy.” – President Obama in 2013, when speaking about the NSA’s surveillance program that Edward Snowden blew the whistle on which was secretly spying and data mining people’s private information. And it is true, it today’s modern government, you cannot have 100% privacy out-of-the-box, but you can achieve it[…]

Using flying drones to hack your smartphone data

Security researchers in London have successfully pulled off a hack for a program called “Snoopy,” that controls a flying drone which finds smartphones in any given area and steals it’s data. According to the researchers, the program utilizes drones to fly over areas and scan for smartphones with open Wi-Fi connections. If they’re found, the[…]


Don’t get caught using these passwords

Each year, SplashData releases the Worst Passwords of the year. In 2012, there sure were some bad passwords, with “password” topping the list. Obviously you don’t want to use “password” as your password! But it looks like the 2013 year proved to be no different. And the passwords were just as bad, with “password” getting[…]