After 3 years, the Mt. Gox saga has seen a huge break in the case

It was just over three years ago when I wrote about Mt. Gox after learning the news that they disappeared overnight after being hacked and shutting down. You can see the archived link here from February 2014; you can read why it’s archived here (and not a live link). Now in 2017, Gox is making headlines again, but[…]


Hacking of the future, infecting computers using audio signals

I’m in awe of how impressive this is. Computer scientists have developed proof-of-concept software, that uses inaudible audio signals to communicate with each other. And with the communication, they can then transfer data such as malware, from speakers and microphones within short distances of each other. The computers don’t even need to be connected to the Internet[…]

SQL Injection

A layman’s explanation of what a SQL Injection is

You may have heard the term SQL Injection before. SQL, which I pronounce it as “sequel,” but actually means Structured Query Language, is a programming language primarily used for managing data storage. And in today’s world of the Internet, information, and large databases, hacking has become a commonplace and so has the term SQL Injection. Thanks to[…]