As Bitcoin trading in China evolves, other Bitcoin exchanges carry on

China’s OKCoin has announced they will halt OTC trading services come April 10th. That is an unexpected change, although it appears this is another change as a direct result of the recent PBoC AML requirements. The regulatory landscape is changing in China, which results in quite some new and forceful changes. Various exchanges have had to[…]

Take six minutes and learn a thing or two about Bitcoin

Bitcoin Properly published a new video about bitcoin, discussing the revolutionary nature of bitcoin and blockchain technology. The video is akin to the famous We Use Coins video, but updated, and in a bit more in depth without being overly technical. In this video, it’s explained that “the technology behind crypto currencies such as Bitcoin will[…]

Catholic church: Bitcoin is the Mark of the Beast

I couldn’t believe it when I read it, but yes, it’s there. In an article published on, the Catholic church says that the future of currency, which in the article includes Bitcoin, “calls forth the “Mark of the Beast” as spoken in the Book of Revelations.“ The article discusses future currency concepts, drawing comparisons to[…]

bitcoin address shortener

The unofficial Bitcoin address shortener

Something has been bugging me for a couple of weeks now about Bitcoin addresses. They are very long, and impossible to remember. As a Bitcoin user and fan, I often found myself going to for information. The rest of the Bitcoin community does as well, since is one of the most trusted and[…]