Video streaming marketplace uZoom acquires Creator Republic

UZoom CEO John Kueber. (uZoom Photo).

One-on-one video streaming platform uZoom has acquired Creator Republic for an undisclosed sum.

UZoom is a Seattle startup that connects viewers in remote locations with streamers on the ground so that they can see interesting events and locations for a small fee. Viewers used uZoom to tune into last year’s summer Olympics and house hunters often use it to check out a neighborhood they might be interested in.

In March, uZoom raised $1.5 million from Broadmark Capital and angel investors — funds that probably came in handy during the Creator Republic acquisition.

Creator Republic was once known as King of The Web — a social game that let people vote for Internet celebrities online. At launch in 2011, it was backed by Zillow and Expedia co-founder Rich Barton and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer. The startup eventually pivoted to become a video sharing platform.

“Creator Republic has a passionate group of video creators that are looking to monetize their content,” said uZoom CEO John Kueber. “UZoom’s platform of allowing viewers to pay for live video content provides that platform. Since our launch at the Rio Olympics in August of 2016 we have paid out thousands of dollars to video creators and we believe the Creator Republic users will accelerate that trend.”

Creator Republic CEO Gary Schmidt will join uZoom as a consultant.