Twitter’s Fail Whale is officially no more

Anyone that has ever used Twitter prior to this year, at some point or another, has encountered the infamous Fail Whale. The Twitter Fail Whale is a picture of a whale being carried by a flock of birds; Twitter’s symbol is a bird. The picture is iconic to Twitter, and has been long associated in a fun but sobering way, that Twitter has had quite a few problems in the past.

The Fail Whale was the image users would see when the site was experiencing some sort of outage. In Twitter’s massive growth over the years, they’ve had quite a bit of outages, and the Fail Whale had become popular over the years.

But this year, Twitter has finally moved beyond the whale, and according to Christopher Fry, senior vice president of engineering at Twitter, the Fail Whale has officially been killed off. Rest In Peace, good buddy.

In an interview with Wired, Fry says:

The Fail Whale is a thing of the past. Actually, this summer we took the Fail Whale out of production. So if you come to Twitter, and there are always gonna be problems, no service is ever perfect. But right now you will see robots instead of the Fail Whale. So the Fail Whale image is not served by Twitter anymore. It had a long history and some of our users feel very connected to it. But in the end, it did represent a time when I don’t think we lived up to what the world needed Twitter to be.