Surface Pro 5? Microsoft to hold mystery event May 23 in Shanghai

Microsoft just unveiled a new addition to its Surface lineup this week, with the announcement of its Surface Laptop, but it looks like there’s more hardware in the hopper.

The company announced overnight that it will hold an event May 23 in Shanghai — where it will “show the world what’s next” — and this tweet from Surface chief Panos Panay makes it clear that the event will involve the Surface in some form.

It’s long past time for a Surface Pro 5, the successor to the company’s high-end tablet. Surface Pro 4 was released in October 2015, along with Microsoft’s first laptop, the Surface Book — making them each ripe for a refresh.

Explaining a 26 percent decline in Surface revenue last quarter, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella cited the “end of product life cycle” for certain Surface devices, and increased price competition.