Stackery raises $5.5 million to build out serverless monitoring product

Stackery co-founders Chase Douglas and Nate Taggart. (Techstars Photo)

Serverless computing is having a moment right now, but there’s still a lot of work to be done ensuring that developers can use serverless principles in production environments. Portland’s Stackery now has an additional $5.5 million to further develop its serverless monitoring product.

The new round brings the total amount of money raised by Stackery to $7.3 million, following on an earlier round led by Voyager Capital after the startup graduated from the TechStars Seattle class of 2017. HWVP’s Steve Kishi led the new round, which also included participation from Voyager, Pipeline Capital Partners, and Founders’ Co-op.

There are still plenty of servers doing the heavy lifting in serverless computing, but they operate totally in the background, allowing developers to write applications without having to know anything about the underlying hardware on which those apps will run. That’s a pretty big shift in software development philosophy, and it is getting a lot of attention because it cuts cloud computing bills by a substantial margin.

But like any new development in this world, developers need proper tools to really unlock the potential of serverless computing, and that’s a business opportunity. Stackery’s Operations Console helps developers to monitor the performance of their serverless applications and deploy serverless applications.

Stackery also announced that it has hired Bay Area-based Ted Driscoll as vice president of sales.