Some of the very first tweets about Bitcoin

With my interest in Bitcoin, and Twitter, I found myself over the past couple of days trying to find the very first tweet about Bitcoin. And I found it, along with some of the very earliest tweets on the digital currency.

You may be wondering if I am on a quest to find the legend, Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Although the thought (several thoughts actually) have crossed my mind, and I decided not to go down the same path that many others have gone down without success. I peaked down the rabbit hole, but in the interest of time, I decided not to go any further, or end up spending the rest of my days connecting dots.

Back to Twitter and Bitcoin. If you’re wondering who may have tweeted first about Bitcoin, well here you go. Here are a few. I posted them in order, with the very first tweet about Bitcoin on top. Enjoy.

(Note: I’m not sure who did a “demo” of Bitcoin back in June 2009, but this is the event it was done at. Maybe Satoshi is in the crowd!)

This tweet came before the rest, in November 2008. It’s not directly about Bitcoin, but I found the similarity and coincidence of the time frame to be interesting. It’s actually about Ripple, which is like Bitcoin, but slightly different.

This tweet I actually thought was the first tweet about Bitcoin, due to the similarity in the description and the time frame. But after doing some research, it turns out Open Money is something else.