Overwatch is taking players to Junkertown for its next map

Blizzard announced a new map for Overwatch during its Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany today. Junkertown, the Australian home of the bomb-loving character Junkrat and his oversized bodyguard Roadhog, will be playable at the show.

Junkertown will be an escort map, meaning the attacking team has to push a payload to its destination while the defending team tries to stop them.

Along with announcing the new map, Blizzard also released a new animated short starring Junkrat and Roadhog. These videos give Overwatch a way to show off the story surrounding its characters and world, something that’s difficult for Blizzard to do inside the actual game. You can watch it above.

Overwatch has been a big hit for Blizzard since it launched last May, earning over 30 million players. The team-based shooter has constantly offered free content since its release, including new maps, characters, and seasonal events.

This is the fourth post-release map Blizzard has released for Overwatch following the castle town of Eichenwalde, the high-tech Oasis, and the Moon-based Lunar Colony.

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