Google Fiber is now in 3,000 apartment complexes

A year after cutting back on expansion plans, Google Fiber has slowly regained its footing by focusing on expansion in existing markets. Google announced today that Fiber is now available in over 3,000 apartments and condominiums.

Five years after launch, Google Fiber is available in 10 cities across the U.S. Last year, the company announced it would be halting plans to bring Google Fiber to a number of cities, including Dallas, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, and Portland. Additionally, Google Fiber installations that are still planned for San Antonio and Louisville have faced delays.

In Louisville, AT&T filed a lawsuit against the city over an ordinance called One Touch Make Ready. The ordinance allowed internet service providers, like Google Fiber, to move existing companies’ equipment on utility poles in order to boost their networks. A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit in August.

The process to bring Google Fiber to existing multi-family units can be challenging, given that all tenants might not be on board. Google Fiber faced pushback from landlords early into its tenure in Kansas City, thanks to a $300-per-unit installation cost.

Lee Bienstock, Head of Partnerships for Google Fiber, also wrote today that the company recently launched a Google Hardware Program, which allows real estate properties to get “preferred pricing” on Google Home, Nest Thermostats, and other devices for their properties.