Google Chrome is killing it as the most popular browser worldwide

In a new reported provided by Statista, it shows that Google Chrome browser is starting to dominate the browser market, as Internet Explorer once did.

In the report, worldwide stats indicate that 43% of the entire world population uses Google Chrome browser. This is way up from a couple of years ago when Chrome was just beginning to surpass Firefox. And Internet Explorer still dominated the market.

Oh, how times have changed.

Now IE only holds 25% of the worldwide market with Firefox holding 20% of the market. Unfortunately for Firefox, they continue to drop. Don’t let the numbers fool you though, Firefox is one hell of a powerful browser, and IE9 and now IE10 are the best versions of IE yet. I’m not sure how IE11 will fair though. But my go-to browser has been Chrome for a while now, so this chart below doesn’t surprise me too much.

popular browser