GeekWire Podcast: Bezos and the bots, DNA data storage, and Seattle startups learn to co-exist with Silicon Valley giants

Jeff Bezos and robo-dragonfly
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos prepares to unlieash the robo-dragonfly at this year’s MARS conference.

Every year, Amazon and Jeff Bezos hold an elite, invitation-only conference called MARS, for Machine learning, Automation, Robotics and Space, which doubles as an excuse for the Amazon founder to test out the latest in autonomous vehicles, robots and personal aircraft. GeekWire aerospace and science editor Alan Boyle joins us with a rundown.

Plus, 15 years after Google started a wave of engineering outposts in the Seattle area, the region’s startups are figuring out how to co-exist with Silicon Valley tech giants.

And we discuss how DNA is inspiring the next generation of data storage technology from Microsoft and the University of Washington.

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