Expect to see giant blimps hovering above in the NorthEast in the near future

They will hover 10,000 feet above the ground, in areas such as Baltimore, MD. They are 243 feet in length, and tethered to the ground. There will be at least two of them to start, costing $2.7 billion dollars each. They are in fact, JLENS blimps. JLENS is an acronym for Joint Land-attack cruise-missile-defense Elevated Netted Sensor system.

And according to Raytheon, the makers of JLENS blimps, the Army is reportedly buying two of these gigantic blimps to hover over Earth in the NorthEast, by the end of this year.

The reason these blimps are so appealing to the military is because they are much cheaper and easier to maintain, then let’s say an unmanned drone. It uses less fuel, it hovers in place, and only needs to come down once a month or so for maintenance. Adding surveillance to the blimps, hovering so high up in the sky, let’s the blimps have a range much further in distance than a land radar. Having a ground vision area 62,000 miles to be exact.

Motherboard says that JLENS, isn’t in theory, meant to spy on American citizens, but to “spot things like incoming enemy fighter jets and missiles long before ground-based radar can.”

Well, we all know the threat of a missile attack on the U.S. is so great these days…. right!?