Do You Ever Want to Crawl Into the Sewer and Live There Forever?

It’s Tuesday, arguably the worst day of the week, and you might feel like being rolled into a carpet and shoved into a storm drain. But even our sewers aren’t safe, apparently.

There’s no context as to where this video takes place, but let’s be real: it’s probably Florida. An extremely brave man lies flat on his back on the asphalt, and films the alligator that is chilling in the sewer by his home. The gator releases a truly bowel-clenching growl that almost sounds like a Rainforest Cafe animatronic. (Remember the 90s?)

Comically, there’s a green plastic ball in front of the gator, which I imagine belongs to the man and not the animal. That thing certainly does not want to play fetch.

As terrifying as this all-terrain predator is, he was most likely scared and confused. I hope he was freed from his cement hideout and released back into the swamps, where he can attack people whose airboat motors cut out in the middle of the Everglades. Salute, my friend.