ACLU first to file lawsuit against U.S. Govt for NSA PRISM spying program

Well, that escalated quickly! Thanks to the ACLU, the U.S. Government will have their day in court over the recent NSA spy program leaks. In a statement from the ACLU, they say: the ACLU filed a lawsuit charging that the [NSA PRISM] program violates Americans’ constitutional rights of free speech, association, and privacy.

The lawsuit is based off of the NSA Verizon court order to monitor and data mine Verizon phone records, which the top secret program, code named PRISM, was made public by ex-NSA employee Edward Snowden. The ACLU believes that the surveillance program is a violation of the organization’s constitutional rights, specifically the first and fourth amendments.

As part of the statement made by the ACLU on their website, it says:

As an organization that advocates for and litigates to defend the civil liberties of society’s most vulnerable, the staff at the ACLU naturally use the phone—a lot—to talk about sensitive and confidential topics with clients, legislators, whistleblowers, and ACLU members. And since the ACLU is a VBNS customer, we were immediately confronted with the harmful impact that such broad surveillance would have on our legal and advocacy work. So we’re acting quickly to get into court to challenge the government’s abuse of Section 215.