A Song I Wrote For My MSN Crush Is My First Email

My First Email is a series of chat interviews about digital archaeology. Today we are talking to Motherboard Canada staff writer Jordan Pearson. -Jason Koebler

JASON: Here are the rules. Go into Gmail, sort reverse chronologically, and open the first email you see. Jordan, what was your first email?
JORDAN: Well, this wasn’t my first email, but it was the first email I sent that wasn’t “I just got a new email address,” when I got my first Gmail account back in 2010. It was an MP3 of a song I’d recorded in my parents’ house and I sent it to a girl I liked. We mostly chatted on MSN. I said, “Gmail seriously rocks.”

Can I hear the song?
LOL hell no.
What is the song about?
It was secretly about her if I remember correctly.
Do you think there were any good metaphors in it?
OH! I just remembered one more thing: We wrote the lyrics together over MSN chat.
Oh my god.
This is bringing me back
Did she tell you what she thought?
I think probably yes but it’s not in my email, we must have picked up the conversation on MSN
Do you still talk to her? What is the most amount of information you will tell me about the fate of your MSN/IRL relationship?
We actually haven’t talked in a few years. I remember we met up and spent a very PG weekend together in the city once and it was kind of clear the relationship wouldn’t make it outside of MSN chat. We remained friends for a while after that, maybe even a couple years, but a friendship can’t live on MSN alone.

This was 2010, so it must have been my first year of university I guess.

Did you meet online?
We met at church! It was brief, though, and it just turned into this thing where we could chat on MSN almost every day.
Do you still think Gmail rocks?
Gmail represents a very specific kind of dread and I sort of wish I could still just think new things rocked.
Jordan I think you should:

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