Why you should never use Tumblr as a professional blogging platform

In October 2010, I started the BitShare blog. The intent was to create a daily or every-other day or so, news blog that curated daily bits to share (hence the name). BitShare is focused on content related to internet, tech, culture, apps, and more. At the time in 2010, the Tumblr blogging platform was still[…]

bitcoin address shortener

The unofficial Bitcoin address shortener

Something has been bugging me for a couple of weeks now about Bitcoin addresses. They are very long, and impossible to remember. As a Bitcoin user and fan, I often found myself going to blockchain.info for information. The rest of the Bitcoin community does as well, since blockchain.info is one of the most trusted and[…]


Hooray! Twitter triggers are back on IFTTT along with official support

Almost one year ago, one of my favorites tools on the web, IFTTT, was forced to remove Twitter as a trigger on their platform due to Twitter API rule changes (which also upset a lot of other people, products and services). Now, Twitter is back on IFTTT, officially. If you aren’t familiar, IFTTT (If This Then[…]


Need help writing a LinkedIn endorsement? Use the LinkedIn Recommendation Generator

If you use LinkedIn, chances are that you have given or received a recommendation before. You probably already know that writing a LinkedIn recommendation, and coming up with the right words to say, is the most difficult part. I know I have done this several times, and it’s always hard to find the exact right[…]