Coming to Google Plus Games: Play Your World with Google Maps

Today Google released a teaser video for a new upcoming game for Google Plus called Play Your World with Google Maps. The game appears to be a mash up of Google Maps technology and the old NES 8-bit game Marble Madness with an arcade feel to it. It really looks fun, but the teaser is just that, it teases and doesn’t give out a whole lot of information other than it’s built using WebGL.

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Google built a never ending bookcase

In a Chrome Experiment from Google, they built their very own online WebGL infinite bookcase. The bookcase just like a real one lets you browse books by subject, over 10,000 of them. The bookcase is three dimensional and by clicking on any book it will open up to Google Books using their API. If this bookcase looks familar to you, it’s because back in July Google built a live and working model at their Google NY offices.

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Angry Birds for Google Chrome is changing the game

The Google Chrome Team made a funny video for Angry Birds which is voiced over by Rovio developers Peter Vesterbacka, Jaakko Lisalo and Serdar Soganci. The video highlights some of the great things about the Google Chrome browser which makes gaming so much better on Chrome than on other browsers.

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