Verizon Wireless traffic up 30% from iPhone announcement

Yesterday was the big announcement from Verizon that the Apple iPhone will be carried on their Verizon Wireless network. The lead up to yesterday’s announcement got a lot of media play over the past several weeks. If you check the last 7 days on the Verizon Wireless website you will see that site traffic had a big spike on Jan 7 from pre-announcement invitation.

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The Verizon iPhone is finally here!

Today at a special press conference held by Verizon, they announced that the iPhone has finally made it’s way to the Verizon Wireless network. Everyone rejoice! Take your AT&T contracts and burn them! No more dropped calls.

A more reliable and better mobile network which also adds much fuel to the competition for AT&T. This is also great for the mobile business as it will help lower costs on AT&T’s side if you decide to stay with them.

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New iPhone parts leaked (photos)

New parts for the iPhone were leaked to YouTube earlier by Global Direct Parts (as they intentionally show in their backdrop). Unfortunately, the video was removed from YouTube by Apple.  However, we were able to find a copy of the video (which since has been pulled too) and snag some of the pics that were shown.

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