This could be the best resume I have seen

imageWhen it comes to resumes, most people opt for the traditional text-on-paper look, and may even include a link to their LinkedIn profile if the really want to be innovative. But not Robby Leonardi.

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Selling your skills with your new medical assistant resume

Just a Daydream? Individuals unhappy in their current jobs or careers who might wish to step into a field of growing job openings and enormous potential for professional growth must make the necessary transition from daydream to tangible action. A new career is possible and with the proper education, as well as strong application and interview skills, this dream can become a reality.

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LinkedIn for the thin-resume

Every titan of industry who didn’t inherit their position started out with a resume just as thin as that of the next budding business person. Nothing about this changed with the advent of such online networking sites as LinkedIn.

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