Hey Inmate, upgrade your jail stay for just $155 per night!

This might sound like a joke, but I assure you it’s not. In Fremont, California, inmates of the county jail can elect to upgrade their jail stay to a less cramped and volatile environment to a higher quality stay, for just $155 per night.

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Connecting prisoners at San Quentin to the world via Social Media

San Quentin State Prison may be one of the most infamous prisons. It’s home to some of the most hardened criminals around and is notorious for having a culture of violence. It’s moniker: “The Arena.” With all the infamy that comes out of San Quentin, also comes life experience. A group at San Quentin is working on a new program to connect prisoners to people outside of the prison, to give insight into their life and minds, and are using social media to do so.

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