Photos of secret helicopter used in Osama bin Laden raid

After the raid and killing of Osama bin Laden; new photos have surfaced of the highly talked about new stealth helicopter and the secret compound bin Laden was hiding out at. In addition there are pictures of “unidentified” men that were also killed in the raid.  Speculation on the news say one of these men are bin Laden’s son. The pictures are graphic.  Why doesn’t the U.S. just release the photo of bin Laden then since these are so graphic you ask?  The answer is because the U.S. didn’t release these. These were taken by Pakistani military the morning after the raid and sold to Reuters who published them.

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Take a trip in the iPhone Helicopter

The iPhone Helicopter. A helicopter controlled by your iPhone.  You can even simulate flight in the helicopter
with a cockpit view displayed on your iPhone.  This thing is awesome. A new Christmas toy maybe!? I want.

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