The Daily Deals Network: Groupon The Movie

You don’t get to a $13 billion valuation without making a few enemies. Coupons, money, power and women. This is the movie about Groupon, the daily deals site that has taken the world and your wallet by storm.

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Groupon’s semi-controversial Super Bowl ads

Today is the big day.  Super Bowl Sunday!  All the best ads of the year are premiered during the Super Bowl, at a high price too.

Groupon is partaking and has some ads of their own.  Their ads are border-line controversial.  I wouldn’t say they are all that bad, but have caused some waves already because they make light of some sensitive issues world wide such as saving the whales or saving the rainforest.  I especially found the save the whale ad with Cuba Gooding Jr to be the best.  What about you?

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The Google Groupon deal is a no go

From sources close to the Google Groupon deal, they said yesterday that Groupon has turned down the Google acquisition offer.

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Is the Google Groupon deal to good to be true?

Earlier this week I shared how the Google Groupon deal is a complete slam dunk for Groupon. I said it then and will say it now - how could Groupon turn down a $5.3 billion dollar offer!? I still think it will happen, but all signs are pointing to this being a bad deal or a deal that may end up just not happening.

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Google offers Groupon $5.3 Billion to buy

Today it was leaked that the search and all around mega-giant Google has offered to buy Groupon, the online daily coupon and social shopping website. Groupon, founded in 2008 has done very well in it’s space gaining huge momentum in the 2010 year according to Compete.

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