Over 4,500 hrs of footage was submitted for the YouTube movie, Life in a Day

Last year, YouTube asked users to submit videos of their lives taking place on July 24, 2010. The submissions were to be made into a movie to document a single day on Earth. YouTube received over 4,500 hours of user content and edited it down to a 90 min movie called Life in a Day.

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YouTube is having a Space Lab Experiment contest with big prizes

YouTube has put up a challenge to anyone interested for a new contest called YouTube Space Lab. The contest challenge is simple: Create an experiment that can be conducted in outer space aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

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Go back in time and see the Museum of Obsolete Objects

If you want to travel back in time, to a place before certain objects were replaced by better and updated technology, you will want to check out the Museum of Obsolete Objects. Created by German digital agency Jung von Matt/next GmbH directly using YouTube, they created a fancy interactive time capsule that you can navigate to see items that are no longer in use.

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YouTube tests out new Cosmic Panda interface

YouTube is testing out a new look with their latest project called Cosmic Panda. The new “experience” as YouTube describes it will improve the way you view videos and playlists. Right off the bat when you try it the entire website is vastly improved in the look and feel. It’s way more pleasing to the eyes than the standard and maybe now and a bit dated current version.

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Google and Newseum launch the Journalists Memorial channel

Google just launched this week a tribute site via YouTube to honor journalists so that we can remember those who have died in the last year while reporting news around the world. As we know in today’s world of social media, getting quality information is important and those that are obtaining that information, risking their lives, are journalists out in the field. It can be easy to forget where this information comes from and those that have paid the ultimate price to get it. So kudos to Newseum, Google and YouTube for putting this together.

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New YouTube video animation tools

YouTube has a new set of animation tools available.  Some of them you might already recognize like Xtranormal, which they have already been available.  But now the new animation tools are fully integrated into YouTube, so you can just create animated videos easily with your YouTube account (no extra sign up’s or anything required).  I just created a quick animation with GoAnimate just to see how easy it was to do.  It was fairly simple, and as you can see animations are great for creating memes.

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Guess who’s back? Hint: Look at him, now back to me

Looks like another viral campaign is coming from the Old Spice guy.  It was a huge success before, so makes sense for Old Spice to try it again.  After this though, I think they will probably need to think of a new catchy promo.

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Pres. Obama State of the Union & exclusive interview live via YouTube

Tonight at 9pm President Obama will address the nation to deliver the State of the Union. You can watch it live via YouTube here.  Additionally, you can ask questions for President Obama which selected questions will be asked to him in an exclusive interview with YouTube on January 27.  A cool thing about the questions are they can be voted up/down, so I am assuming that may play into which questions get asked.

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New iPhone parts leaked (photos)

New parts for the iPhone were leaked to YouTube earlier by Global Direct Parts (as they intentionally show in their backdrop). Unfortunately, the video was removed from YouTube by Apple.  However, we were able to find a copy of the video (which since has been pulled too) and snag some of the pics that were shown.

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Wireless carriers openly considering charging per service

via radtastification by Engadget

Love the internet while it’s still awesome.  Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and Vodafone want internet users to pay more for the data they use.  They don’t believe the internet should be a free service, so this is a real picture of a proposed plan to go into effect.  Different carriers will have different plans.  For instance this plan has YouTube at a fixed rate while another plan may have Facebook as a fixed rate.  The scary thing about all this is, it’s most likely going to happen. 

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Top 15 viral videos of 2010

2010 was another great year for viral videos. Video’s that went viral this year were autotuned a lot, making them go even more viral and be more popular.

Throughout the entire year I have been favoriting all the viral videos that I come across. Some not so popular as the rest. I took the top 15 viral videos and embedded them for your viewing (and listening) pleasure. Let’s hope in 2011 we have some real good ones!

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YouTube and Nat Geo’s Planet Inspired Contest

YouTube is running a contest in partnership with National Geographic called Planet Inspired.

"Planet Inspired offers YOU the chance to creatively express your love of Planet Earth and share it with others" it says on the contest web page hosted on YouTube.

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