Sacramento Kings will be the first pro sports team to accept Bitcoin

imageBitcoin continues to transcend boundaries that many for the past year have been speculating it could never do. Many say that Bitcoin is extremely volatile, which it has been, but recently for the past several weeks, Bitcoin has done something that nobody expected - it has gotten a bit boring.

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Nike merges technology and shoes with the Lunar Hyperdunk+

Nike is known for being the leader in sports shoes and apparel, pushing boundaries for years. Now the are taking the next logical step and coming out with a basketball shoe with integrated technology to track your every move.

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The beauty in motorized bicycle racing

I’m a big fan of well thought out and all around good design. I mean who isn’t? Even when it comes to motorized bicycle racing, design comes into play. Take for instance this custom racing bike built by Jeff Wolf, owner of Wolf Creative Customs.

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Angry Birds are teaming up with the Philadelphia Eagles

Rovio the maker of the popular game Angry Birds just released a video that outlines they are partnering up with the Philadelphia Eagles for this upcoming NFL season. Naturally, the birds are going to be on the Eagles roster. In the press release it says “this is Rovio’s first team sports partnership globally, and Eagles fans can look forward to plenty of Angry Birds fun during the 2012 season. Stay tuned for more details!”

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Jeremy Lin will help you get into Harvard in 5-easy steps

Before #Linmania, #Linsanity or the #Linderella story of Jeremy Lin being picked up by the New York Knicks and becoming the recent driving force of their success, the NBA star used to attend Harvard University. Getting into Harvard is no easy task. How did Jeremy Lin do it? He lays out in five easy steps exactly how it’s done so that in the end, you will be #Linning.

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A real life Temple Run acted out by Parkour athlete Adam Brashaw

A real addicting game lately for me has been Temple Run. Some people like their Angry Birds, I like my angry demon monkeys! Parkour free runner Adam Brashaw apparently likes it too. He even wondered what the Temple Run game would be like in real life. So he made this creative video, which gives you an idea of what it would be like to run from the demon monkeys with Brashaw being chased by fellow parkour free runner Chris Lodge.

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Adidas unveils it’s new high tech intelligent soccer boot

Adidas is introducing a new “intelligent” soccer shoe called the Adizero F50 Boot that will be able to track and monitor player’s performance using a “SPEED CELL” chip that is placed in bottom of the shoe.

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The iPad is changing the game, including MLB

iPads seem to be making their way more and more into professional sports. Just the other day I wrote about how the NFL is adopting the iPad for playbooks for a few teams. It’s only a matter of time before all NFL teams will be using them. Now MLB is also utilizing the powers of the iPad to help players review stats, plays and improve performance. I would say before we know it, all major sports will be using the iPad in one way or another in two years or less.

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Some NFL teams will be using the iPad for playbooks this year

Football season is upon us with pre-season underway. The NFL is adapting to technology for the 2011 season. Several teams have signed on to use the iPad as their official method for players to view their playbook.

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Video footage of Metrodome stadium roof collapsing

The roof of the Metrodome stadium in Minneapolis collapsed last night due to heavy snow cancelling the scheduled game of the Giants and Vikings. This is some amazing footage. Check it out.