Nike merges technology and shoes with the Lunar Hyperdunk+

Nike is known for being the leader in sports shoes and apparel, pushing boundaries for years. Now the are taking the next logical step and coming out with a basketball shoe with integrated technology to track your every move.

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Nike is taking us Back to the Future with Air Mags

Nike is about to make a ton of Back to the Future fans and geeks really excited. They are literally going to be coming out with the same shoe from Back to the Future II worn by Marty McFly. The shoes in the movie auto-lace and tighten by just pressing a side-button.

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Nike is making use of all the world’s newspapers

I think Nike is ahead of the game on this one.   They see that with the iPad and other new technology that newspapers are becoming short order.  What are we going to do with all the bajillions of wasted newspapers across the world?  Recycle them, of course.   And after that is done, Nike is going to turn them into shoes!   Nike Sportswear; Women’s Premium Print Pack to be exact.

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