TechCrunch gets the animated treatment

imageYou know you’ve made it in the industry when you get the Taiwanese NMA animation video treatment. If you read TechCrunch or any tech blog for that matter, you probably heard about the goings on over at TC. If you haven’t, skip to the video for a quick rundown. If you have time, first read this post by David Carr at the NY Times, then read this post by MG Siegler at TC. Follow it up by yesterday’s post from Arrington himself and then consider yourself in the loop.

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Why TechCrunch banned me

Tonight TechCrunch banned me.  Here are the reasons why.  Oh and just to be 100% clear, they banned me from their commenting system (they censored me).

They however did not ban from from their site, probably so that I can still view and click on their stupid interstitial ads.  If you don’t know what a interstitial ad is, basically it’s an advert shoved down your throat when you visit a website that you are forced to view or click before entering the site.

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Tech blog drama, gotta love it!

According to the Business Insider (BI), AOL has a new problem; that being Michael Arrington. Arrington runs the TechCrunch tech blog which AOL bought last year.  AOL also owns another big tech blog Engadget. Both great tech blogs in their own right and worthy of subscribing and reading. They both also have a huge following.  

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