2017 Was the Second-Hottest Year on Record

Since 2014, every year has been hotter than the last—except for 2017, NASA announced Thursday. But don’t breath a sigh of relief yet, 2017 still managed to take the silver medal: it’s the second-hottest year on record, and the hottest year without an El Niño season, which is partly what made 2016 so hot. Since[…]

Trump's Cognitive Test Asked Him to Draw a Clock and Remember What a Lion Is Called

President Donald Trump passed his annual presidential physical with flying colors, including an additional cognition test administered at the president’s request, according to Trump’s physician. The cognitive test was the well-regarded Montreal Cognitive Assessment, Dr. Ronny L. Jackson, the White House physician said at a press conference Tuesday. And the president got a perfect 30/30[…]

Overwatch League’s first week attracted over 10 million viewers

Blizzard announced today that the first week of Overwatch League drew more than 10 million viewers. Overwatch League is Blizzard’s new esports organization for its hit team-based shooter. It has city-based teams competing in the company’s new competitive gaming facility in Los Angeles, and it offers its players a regular salary. Overwatch League broadcasted 12[…]

New security service from Cloudflare hopes to kill the VPN once and for all

Caerlaverock Castle, in Scotland. (Wikimedia Commons Photo / cc2.0) Remote workers or business travelers have long been familiar with the travails of working through virtual-private network software, but Cloudflare thinks it can use its vast network of servers to help authenticate network traffic and make life a little easier. The company is launching Cloudflare Access[…]

Shortcut to Silicon Valley? Alaska Airlines will fly to 8 cities from Everett’s Paine Field

An artist’s conception shows the passenger terminal that’s planned for Everett’s Paine Field. (Propeller Airports Illustration) Alaska Airlines says it’ll offer daily nonstop flights to eight cities including San Jose, Calif., from Paine Field in Everett, Wash., with the aim of helping travelers circumvent traffic jams on the road in Seattle and in the terminals[…]

Brian Fargo will launch blockchain currency for alternative digital game store

Veteran game publisher Brian Fargo and other game industry veterans hope to change the PC industry by creating a new cryptocurrency that serves as an alternative to the app stores. Fargo’s new company Robot Cache will create a digital PC games platform, just like Valve’s Steam digital distribution service, but it will give game publishers and[…]

Chart: Here are the U.S. states that attracted the most venture capital in Q4

Photo via Shutterstock. Looking for venture capital? You better cruise the streets of San Francisco and the boulevards of Silicon Valley. California remains the number one place for venture capital activity with $8.9 billion invested in the state during the fourth quarter, according to the MoneyTree report released this month by CB Insights and PwC.[…]

Resetting the bar for customer experience

SPONSORED: Presented by LogMeIn We are amid a customer experience revolution. Gartner predicts that by 2022, approximately 65 percent of all customer service interactions will be digital or text-based versus phone. With today’s customers being much more demanding and much less brand-loyal than they once were, companies across industries are beginning to recognize CX as a[…]