Hacking of the future, infecting computers using audio signals

I’m in awe of how impressive this is. Computer scientists have developed proof-of-concept software, that uses inaudible audio signals to communicate with each other. And with the communication, they can then transfer data such as malware, from speakers and microphones within short distances of each other. The computers don’t even need to be connected to the Internet[…]

Airplane Wi-Fi

FAA Panel finally agrees with the rest of the world that Wi-Fi is safe

Will wonders never cease. It looks like a 28-member panel for the FAA finally came to the same conclusion that the rest of the world has already come to; Wi-Fi is safe for airplanes. But despite it being declared safe, the regulations will for the most part remain intact, but will be relaxed to allow[…]


Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake, says Bill Gates

One of the most well known and used keyboard sequences known to all computer users is Control-Alt-Delete. People have used this for years to access Window machines, and now, twenty years later, Bill Gates is speaking up about it. During a talk last week at a Harvard fundraising campaign, Gates admitted that it was a[…]

traffic jam

The scientific reason why there are traffic jams

In a twenty-three minute overview, Traffic author Tom Vanderbilt explains in layman’s terms some of the reasons why traffic jams occur, and how in some ways, we can easily prevent them. I mean, who would want to actually sit in traffic? It’s horrible, so hopefully just having this knowledge will help ease congestion. In the[…]

cure for cancer

Will Google be the one to find the cure for cancer?

Pictured inset are cancer cells, courtesy of the National Cancer Institute. It’s the Big C. But the letter C in cancer makes the ‘kh’ sound. Such as the letter K, as in killer. Globally, 7.6 million people a year die from cancer. It’s one of the leading causes of death worldwide. How will Google, a[…]

3d printing

How the UK will screw over 3D printing before it even has a chance to live

3D printing is the latest technology of recent memory, where it has the power to change entire businesses, lives, and processes. 3D printing could literally be one of the best inventions of our lives. 3D printing has tremendous possibilities. From medicine to design, the applications are endless. And with this much potential, and power, surely[…]