Amazon dumps ‘Freedive’ name for ‘IMDb TV’ as ad-supported streaming service to triple content

(IMDb TV screen grab) Amazon-owned IMDb gave its free streaming video service six months under the name Freedive before changing channels on Monday and rebranding the service “IMDb TV.” The ad-supported service launched in January as yet another option for users to stream movies and television shows. The company now says it will triple its[…]

Amazon sends Alexa developers on quest for ‘holy grail of voice science’

At Amazon’s re:Mars conference last week, the company rolled out Alexa Conversations in preview. Conversations is a module within the Alexa Skills Kit that stitches together Alexa voice apps into experiences that help you accomplish complex tasks. Alexa Conversations may be Amazon’s most intriguing and substantial pitch to voice developers in…Read More

Salesforce’s $15.7B Tableau deal is a defining moment for the West Coast tech ‘megalopolis’

Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop) Salesforce surprised the tech world this week with its agreement to acquire Tableau Software for $15.7 billion — although maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise, after the Seattle-based data visualization company was listed among the cloud giant’s acquisition targets in a leaked internal slide[…]

Multicloud is here, and it will level the playing field for everyone, according to Seattle cloud CEOs

As cloud computing matures, more and more companies are looking to diversify their IT spending across different vendors, and that’s excellent news for companies worried about getting flattened by big cloud vendors. Three prominent Seattle-area CEOs — Kristina Bergman of Integris Software, Samir Bodas of Icertis, and Arif Kareem of ExtraHop — discussed a wide[…]