VP Mike Pence talks up property rights as he opens international space conference

Vice President Mike Pence addresses the opening session of the International Astronautical Congress in Washington, D.C. (NASA via YouTube) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Vice President Mike Pence recapped the Trump administration’s plans to put astronauts on the lunar surface and promote space commerce today, with an added twist: emphasis on private property rights relating to space[…]

Diversity in tech: Company leaders talk ‘black tax,’ recruiting, retention, and impostor syndrome

Real Talk, a speaker series from technical recruiting startup Karat, hosted an event Thursday in Seattle at Airbnb’s office. From left: Rafael Williams, Salehah Hassan, Anthony Skinner, Kenneth Massada and Rokeya Jones. (GeekWire Photo / James Thorne) For all of the talk around bringing more diversity to tech, black and Hispanic employees remain vastly underrepresented[…]

Mark Zuckerberg Wants Fox News to Know He Cares ‘Deeply’ About Conservative Bias

Mark Zuckerberg understands why conservatives think uber-liberal Silicon Valley is stacked against them. So he went on Fox News Friday to try to convince them otherwise. “I haven’t seen a lot of data that suggest that there’s a negative impact,” the Facebook co-founder told Dana Perino in an interview that aired Friday on “The Daily[…]