Comcast and CenturyLink Spent $50K in Seattle to Support a Mayoral Candidate Who Opposes Community-Owned Internet

Like dozens of other cities across the country, Seattle is currently in the midst of a mayoral race. But unlike some others, this election has drawn the attention of Big Telecom, with CenturyLink and Comcast forking over more than $50,000 combined to a political action committee that’s campaigning for one candidate: former US Attorney Jenny[…]

Spoke bets on AI to automate company help desks

There’s a new company on the block that’s aiming to help AI take some of the busy work out of jobs that rely on handling requests like IT and HR. The startup, called Spoke, uses machine learning to help businesses automate requests for information. It’s designed to save humans’ time by dealing with the questions[…]

Boeing HorizonX invests in Near Earth Autonomy, boosting self-flying tech

Near Earth Solutions works on software and sensor technologies for autonomous aircraft ranging in size from drones to helicopters. (Near Earth Solutions Photo) Boeing’s venture capital arm, Boeing HorizonX, says it has made a substantial investment in Near Earth Autonomy, a Pittsburgh-based startup that focuses on technologies for autonomous flight. Boeing and Near Earth also[…]

Tech Moves: Barry Diller won’t be Uber’s next chairman; Accolade adds to its executive board; and more

Media executive and Expedia chairman Barry Diller, left, speaks at CES. (GeekWire photo / John Cook) Uber’s search for new leadership has been a long and tough one, with rumors, surprise twists and drama that rival prime-time TV shows. Now another prospective name has been slashed from the list: Media mogul and Expedia Chairman Barry[…]

This Strange Sensor Russia Sent to the ISS Is Baffling US Military Experts

A Russian spacecraft on a routine mission to the International Space Station (ISS) apparently carried a surprise payload: a secretive sensor that experts said could be related to a controversial military initiative. The spacecraft, which the Russian space agency designated Progress MS-07, blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in southern Kazakhstan on October 12. The[…]

Redbox starts offering Switch game rentals

Redbox, the company behind those movie and game-renting machines you see outside of grocery stores and Walmarts, is starting to offer Switch games. Right now this is just for select cities: Seattle, San Antonio and Portland, Oregon. But it could expand across the U.S. if the Switch games prove popular in those locations. After the collapse[…]

After delayed launch, Russian robotic craft makes cargo delivery to space station

Almost three tons of food, fuel and supplies were delivered to the International Space Station today aboard a robotic Russian Progress cargo spaceship. The spacecraft was launched on Saturday from Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, two days after an initial countdown was scrubbed. Russian space officials said the rare postponement came about because an electrical[…]