Terror at 30,000 feet: I can’t get the WiFi to work

The woman on the seatback screen makes it look so easy. Just grab your iPad, plug in your headphones and connect. But it’s not. that way for everyone. (Geof Wheelwright photo for Geekwire) SOMEWHERE OVER MEMPHIS – I’ve never been a fan of tech support. Perhaps it comes from having survived the most grueling, intense[…]

The NCAA needs to help college esports grow

GUEST: As esports at all levels continues to earn mainstream credibility, one segment is poised for explosive growth – collegiate esports. How colleges and universities will manage esports is an important question. Esports has the potential to be a significant revenue generator at the collegiate level, it on par with money-making college sports like football and basketball. The[…]

As Amazon flirts with $1,000/share, shareholder questions Jeff Bezos about stock split

The Method-2 robot’s arms stretch wide with Amazon’s billionaire founder, Jeff Bezos, at the controls. (Jeff Bezos via Twitter) Amazon stock is close to hitting $1,000 per share for the first time, another indication of the e-commerce giant’s growing strength. As Amazon trumpeted its 2016 accomplishments at its annual shareholder meeting this week, the company’s stock[…]

AppsFlyer helps mobile advertisers beat back ad fraud via machine learning

AppsFlyer is helping mobile game and app developers deal with the severe problem of fraudulent advertising responses via third-party ad networks. In doing so, the company said it has already saved brands tens of millions of dollars since 2016. Today, the San Francisco-based maker of mobile attribution and marketing analytics is launching Active Fraud Insights[…]

Seattle shipping tech company ShipRush acquired for $14M by Canadian logistics software firm

ShipRush helps companies manage last mile shipping. (Bigstock Photo) Canadian logistics software company Descartes Systems Group has acquired ShipRush, a Seattle company that helps small and medium-sized companies and retailers manage their shipping operations. The purchase price is $14 million, with an additional $3 million in potential incentives. ShipRush is published by an entity called Z-Firm[…]

Watch These Physicists Play With Fidget Spinners

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has brought us what we didn’t know we were waiting for: three physicists trying fidget spinners for the first time. The fidget spinner craze has taken over all our lives the past few months and now has infiltrated the lives of scientists. Taking a few minutes out of their presumably busy[…]

Twilio’s Proxy API connects people anonymously

Twilio is making it easier to connect two people anonymously through text messages and phone calls with a new API launching today. Proxy will handle the task of provisioning phone numbers to connect people anonymously instead of requiring developers to handle that process manually. The service is aimed at companies that would benefit from Twilio’s[…]