Arctic Towns, Railways, and Pipelines At Risk of Permafrost Thaw Damage

Climate change is thawing out the Arctic permafrost, a layer of frozen soil vital to many habitats. The known consequences of this trend include possible mercury pollution, bouncy ground bubbles, and gnarly paleontological discoveries. But one factor that hasn’t been widely explored is the risk of melting permafrost to Arctic infrastructure, such as residential properties,[…]

Amazon reportedly taking action against global staff over leaked or sold third-party seller data

The alleged leaking or selling of inside information about Amazon’ third-party merchants by Amazon’s own employees is now said to have led the giant online retailer to take action against staff members. The moves, according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal, include firing several employees in the U.S. and India for allegedly[…]

How a ‘driveway moment’ with Microsoft’s Brad Smith led to the creation of nonprofit

Microsoft President Brad Smith. (GeekWire photo / Kevin Lisota) As 2018’s Computer Science Education Week comes to a close, a key detail has been revealed about how the week’s organizer and now global computer-science advocate, Seattle-based nonprofit, began. It’s what might be called, in the lingo of public radio, a “driveway moment.” Literally. Brad[…]