Edward Snowden's guide to internet privacy

Use these tips from Edward Snowden to help protect your internet privacy

In this infographic from the ShortList published by Business Insider, Edward Snowden provides his top four tips for people to help protect their internet privacy. We have also provided tips in the past too for protecting your privacy on the web, such as using Tor, PGP, online identities (separate from your real life identity), 2FA,[…]

Internet consumption around the world (Infographic)

If you’re curious how people around the world access the Internet, then you’ll want to check out this infographic from International Business Guide. 2013 marked the first year that there are more mobile internet devices than humans, which makes access to the Internet easier than ever. The infographic says that 25% of the world is on mobile[…]


Don’t get caught using these passwords

Each year, SplashData releases the Worst Passwords of the year. In 2012, there sure were some bad passwords, with “password” topping the list. Obviously you don’t want to use “password” as your password! But it looks like the 2013 year proved to be no different. And the passwords were just as bad, with “password” getting[…]

Iron Man

$10bn: That is how much it would cost in real life to be Iron Man 3

Every kid’s fantasy, and let’s face it, some of you adults too – is to be Iron Man. But to be Iron Man, it will cost you a pretty Penny (you see what I did there!). You must be a billionaire to start, but how many billions? Well, ten to be exact. MoneySupermarket breaks down[…]