Google has known about Bitcoin since 2011

I find this truly fascinating. In June 2011, as part of an interview with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, was talking to Assange about new age technology. What his thoughts are, on the future of tech. All of this was part of the discovery phase for Schmidt in publishing his book, The[…]

traffic jam

The scientific reason why there are traffic jams

In a twenty-three minute overview, Traffic author Tom Vanderbilt explains in layman’s terms some of the reasons why traffic jams occur, and how in some ways, we can easily prevent them. I mean, who would want to actually sit in traffic? It’s horrible, so hopefully just having this knowledge will help ease congestion. In the[…]

cure for cancer

Will Google be the one to find the cure for cancer?

Pictured inset are cancer cells, courtesy of the National Cancer Institute. It’s the Big C. But the letter C in cancer makes the ‘kh’ sound. Such as the letter K, as in killer. Globally, 7.6 million people a year die from cancer. It’s one of the leading causes of death worldwide. How will Google, a[…]

Google Earth

Here’s an unbelievable Google Earth story that you need to see

After reading this story from Google Earth today, I found myself thinking, this is unbelievable. It’s too good to be true, but as luck would have it, it is a true story, and it’s a wonderful one at that. The story is about a young five-year old boy who accidentally fell asleep on a stationary train in[…]

Chrome extensions

15 Google Chrome extensions to make your life better

In celebration of Google Chrome taking over the browser market, and literally “killing it” as I put it yesterday, I wanted to put together a list of Chrome extensions that I use regularly and share them out to folks that might find them useful. Extensions simply enhance your web experience, by giving you another tool made[…]

popular browser

Google Chrome is killing it as the most popular browser worldwide

In a new reported provided by Statista, it shows that Google Chrome browser is starting to dominate the browser market, as Internet Explorer once did. In the report, worldwide stats indicate that 43% of the entire world population uses Google Chrome browser. This is way up from a couple of years ago when Chrome was[…]

Google Drive

How to host your own website using Google Drive (for free!)

Purchasing your own domain and having web hosting isn’t all too expensive these days, but not much can be better than free. And if you are web developer, having a way to create free websites is very appealing. Yesterday I came across this LabNol post on how to host a website using Google Drive, and[…]


PRISM: code word for unauthorized Govt spying using 9-top Internet companies

I can’t say that I’m not all too surprised with the damaging news to hit the web today, that the U.S. Government is secretly spying on citizens using 9-top Internet companies. The news comes right on the heels of the revelation that the NSA was secretly tapping into Verizon to collect phone call records of[…]