Blockchain Data Now Has Legal Bearing in the State of Ohio

Governor John Kasich from the Midwestern state of Ohio signed a bill this week that formally recognizes data recorded on a blockchain and electronic signatures as having legal bearing in a court of law. The state joins Vermont and Arizona, two states that have already passed laws that recognize blockchain-based transactions. Also read: Philippines Building Crypto[…]

Many Swiss Bankers and Financial Regulators Quit to Join the Crypto Space

A lot of people in Switzerland have left the traditional financial sector to work in the crypto space, in which the banking nation is now developing a niche market. The Swiss banks don’t show enthusiasm officially, but they massively have interests in dealing with Bitcoin, insiders say. Also read: Switzerland’s Main Stock Exchange Dives Deep Into[…]

Black Hat Demo to Reveal ‘White Rabbit’ Crypto-Transaction Surveillance Tool

This week in Las Vegas there are two well-known events taking place dedicated to information security and the global hacking counterculture — Black Hat Arsenal and Defcon 2018. During the conference festivities, there will be a bunch of demonstrations showcasing all kinds of hacker tools, security services, and engineering studies. Two developers from the intelligence[…]

Bitpico Cashes Out, Claiming BTC to Be “World’s Most Manipulated Commodity”

Bitpico, a controversial mischief-maker within the world of bitcoin, has allegedly rage-quit BTC altogether. The pseudonymous entity, who has previously caught attention for stress-testing the Bitcoin Cash network and trying to keep Segwit2x alive, has now reportedly washed his hands of Bitcoin core altogether. There remains the possibility, however, that it’s merely the latest publicity[…]

BCH Roundup: More Developments, 687K Transactions, and Rebirth Parties

Bitcoin Cash proponents are celebrating the year anniversary of ‘Bitcoin Independence Day’ on August 1st and now into the weekend. Over the past week, quite a few bitcoiners have noticed there’s been a lot of developments, announcements, and commemorative parties within the BCH space. Also read: High Times Becomes the First IPO to Accept Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin[…]

Coinbase Custody is Eyeing Some Extremely Odd Altcoins

As is now customary for the company, Coinbase has released a list of the latest assets it’s considering. The latest batch are being mooted for its institutional platform, Coinbase Custody, and thus are for storage only at this time, though future trading cannot be discounted. The list of altcoins it’s considering is as eclectic as[…]