China to Coordinate Against ”3,000 Fake Blockchain” Platforms

This week China’s central television (CCTV 2) reported the Peoples Bank of China (PBOC), its Ministry of Public Security, in coordination with other regulatory agencies, will work to combat cybercrime often in the disguise of financial innovation.  Also Read: Some UK Mortgage Lenders Refuse to Serve Bitcoin Investors 2,000 Tokens, 3,000 Knockoff Platforms The People’s Bank of[…]

New Cryptocurrency Exchanges Proliferate in South Korea Despite Regulation

New cryptocurrency exchanges are rushing to launch in South Korea despite regulatory uncertainty due to high demand and lucrative business models. Ten crypto platforms are expected to open for business in the first half of this year, including two run by Kosdaq-listed companies. Also read: South Korea Urges 23 Countries, EU, and IMF to Collaborate on[…]

Strict Regulations Force South Korean Banks to Stop Servicing Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Following the inspections of six major banks this week, South Korean regulators have uncovered some inadequate internal controls for handling cryptocurrency exchanges. Given the government’s strict rules, some banks have decided to stop providing services to cryptocurrency exchanges instead of overhauling their systems further to comply with the regulations. Also read: South Korea Urges 23 Countries,[…]

Singapore to Extend Regulatory Mandate Regarding Cryptocurrencies

The Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore has sought to clarify the nation’s stance on cryptocurrencies with regards to its money laundering laws. Speaking earlier this week, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam emphasized that Singapore’s financial regulator will not distinguish between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Also Read: Singapore to Extend Regulatory Mandate Regarding Cryptocurrencies Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Updates[…]

The Mystery of the ”Lost” Bulgarian Bitcoins Sparks Questions Again

Missing, stolen, lost or buried…these are all adjectives attracting attention when attached to the noun “cash”, physical or digital. Comments and shares on social media have revived curiosity and sparked questions about one particular monetary mystery – what happened with the 200,000 bitcoins Bulgaria seized from gangsters? As with any urban legend, a mix of facts, claims[…]

India’s Bitcoin Exchange Koinex Suffers From Bank Blocking Crypto Accounts

India continues its shaky experiment with money’s future as its domestic population is wild about cryptocurrency. Its government and regulators are less than thrilled, though. The banking system is siding with minders, causing friction between account holders and crypto exchanges. Everyone is pointing to a lack of clarity in the law as origin for the[…]

Michael Novogratz $400 Million Bet: Form Giant Crypto Merchant Bank

Billionaire investor Michael Novogratz pulled back from bitcoin toward the end of last year, citing market volatility, and ultimately scrapped his much-anticipated crypto hedge fund as a result. He’s since returned with a market-defining announcement of plans to open a full service crypto merchant bank, which some are describing as the ecosystem’s Goldman Sachs, and[…]

Who Controls the @Bitcoin Twitter Account?

The @Bitcoin Twitter account is a prime piece of crypto real estate. With 667,000 followers, it is more popular than any other cryptocurrency account on Twitter by a considerable margin. When @Bitcoin tweets, its message is carried far and wide. But lately, the operator of the account has begun tweeting a preponderance of stories about[…]