‘Facebook-Killer’ Synereo Raises $2M in First Six Hours of Crowdsale

Synereo, a new social platform with ambitions to “decentralize the web,” has launched its second crowdsale, raising almost $2 million USD in the first six hours. Also read: ‘Yours Network’ to Use Bitcoin in Competition Against Steemit $2 Million Raised and Counting The Tel-Aviv-based startup aims to be more than just a decentralized version of Facebook. Synereo said[…]

Edward Snowden's guide to internet privacy

Use these tips from Edward Snowden to help protect your internet privacy

In this infographic from the ShortList published by Business Insider, Edward Snowden provides his top four tips for people to help protect their internet privacy. We have also provided tips in the past too for protecting your privacy on the web, such as using Tor, PGP, online identities (separate from your real life identity), 2FA,[…]


Companies Bringing Digital Currency To Mainstream Use

For many people who work in technology, the idea of Bitcoin has remained something of a joke since its emergence a few years back. While most will acknowledge that the underlying concepts are significant, the idea of Bitcoin as a mainstream resource or a disruptive new currency will still cause many to chuckle or roll[…]


Protecting your privacy on the web

“You can’t have 100% security, while still having 100% privacy.” – President Obama in 2013, when speaking about the NSA’s surveillance program that Edward Snowden blew the whistle on which was secretly spying and data mining people’s private information. And it is true, it today’s modern government, you cannot have 100% privacy out-of-the-box, but you can achieve it[…]


Take six minutes and learn a thing or two about Bitcoin

Bitcoin Properly published a new video about bitcoin, discussing the revolutionary nature of bitcoin and blockchain technology. The video is akin to the famous We Use Coins video, but updated, and in a bit more in depth without being overly technical. In this video, it’s explained that “the technology behind crypto currencies such as Bitcoin will[…]


Catholic church: Bitcoin is the Mark of the Beast

I couldn’t believe it when I read it, but yes, it’s there. In an article published on catholic.org, the Catholic church says that the future of currency, which in the article includes Bitcoin, “calls forth the “Mark of the Beast” as spoken in the Book of Revelations.“ The article discusses future currency concepts, drawing comparisons to[…]