Did Facebook’s servers get hacked?

I don’t claim to be a hacker or know how to hack, but in a post that I saw on Twitter last night, someone was claiming to have compromised Facebook’s servers. The perpetrators¬†are the Inj3ct0r Team, which this wouldn’t be the first time I have seen their name around before for hacks.

They posted up their hack of Facebook on Pastebin which you can see here. While going through the data dump, it appears they were able to gain access to a Facebook app TV Show Chat. If you were to go to the app it appears pretty normal, but if you pull up one of the URLs they posted, for example this one it shows hacked topics such as “mR fB yOu goT owND by trIXtrz”. ¬†They also posted some admin user names and information.

However, they did say they “did not change the main page” insinuating they had access to either the main app page or the main Facebook home page. They also said “In this log file you will read a limited version of the information gathered and provided, since the most important parts are being kept private in order to be analyzed by the proper authorities and close loopholes in the system.” So based on all of this, either they were able to get access to an app, which possibly allows them to get access to other secure areas of Facebook, or only the app itself, which is still an exploit that would need to be closed as it’s not good for Facebook to have vulnerabilities like this for app developers.

If anyone knows how to read the rest of this data dump and make sense of it, post a comment below; I would be interested to know if what they exploited actually has any severity to it or it’s just bogus.

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