Some NFL teams will be using the iPad for playbooks this year

Football season is upon us with pre-season underway. The NFL is adapting to technology for the 2011 season. Several teams have signed on to use the iPad as their official method for players to view their playbook.

No longer will players have to lug around a thick playbook. Viewing plays, game videos, remote conferences, communication and the like will all be possibilities with their iPads. Each player will be issued one by teams using the iPads and if they happen to lose their iPad, it won’t be a season killer because an admin can easily wipe the data from that device and just issue a new one.

Another positive is no more paper, so it’s eco-friendly for you all green folks out there! NFL teams appear to be paying full price for the iPads at $500 a pop. I am not sure why the NFL as a whole didn’t strike a large deal with Apple, but since only a few teams are doing this individually, that is probably the reason. So far the Ravens, Falcons and now the Buccaneers will be using iPads this season.

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