Well, that was fast. Photovine is already being sunsetted

The social photo sharing service Photovine that just launched one week ago is already set to be discontinued. Photovine is an app developed by Slide which was acquired by Google last year. Google is going to be closing down Slide along with Slide products such as Photovine.

Photovine got off to a rocky start. Although clearly well designed, it was missing key features to have it compete in the photo sharing market. It luanched with little to no marketing in the social space, especially since it’s a Google product. It launched on iOS only with not even being on the Android platform which was a bit strange to say the least.

Also it just could not compete with other platforms such as Instagram, as Photovine didn’t include any photo enhancement features at all. Additionally, now that Facebook will be competing with Instagram with their own photo enhancement feature sets, Photovine really didn’t stand a chance.


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    This is indeed a sad day in photo ap history, SLIDE We Will Always Remember You
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