Facebook fails to buy Instagram so decides to compete with it

Well I hate to say I called it, which maybe I can’t really since I said it after it happened, but this news wasn’t public until now so I’m taking some credit here. When Photovine launched, I said Facebook should just buy Instragram. Low and behold I just read that sometime over the summer, Facebook tried to acquire Instagram, but failed in doing so.

Clearly, Zuck read my blog and took my advice (ha ha)! Facebook plans on doing the next best thing though which is to add their own filters to photos themselves, which I agree with as I said in the other article. Photo filtering is pretty hot right now, it’s an easy way to enhance a photo when sharing to give it some extra kick. Photo filtering will only continue to get more hot as camera technology improves and it’s added directly into cameras to make photo enhancing even easier, actually cutting out the need to do it with sites like Instagram or Facebook. ┬áJust wait until the WVIL camera becomes more than just a concept.

Until camera technology catches up, I really enjoy using Instagram and I only wish they would create more filters than what they have now. They can slowly introduce filters as time goes on, no harm no foul as their taste appears to be elegant and classy, not just adding any filter just to do it. Filters are missing from Photovine, which is disappointing and maybe a reason users won’t continue on with the service especially since Facebook is getting into the photo filtering game.

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