Google launches photo sharing app Photovine

Google just launched their brand new photo sharing app for the iPhone called Photovine. The app is for social photo sharing which is akin to Instagram, but without the bells and whistles of image enhancing.

The app appears to be developed quite nicely with a great user interface and I have been using it since last night and really like it. It adds a new twist on photo sharing where the prime goal is to categorize (caption) photos, allowing you to watch/follow areas of interest.

For example, if I am into cars, I can share photos of cars and also watch “vines” of car photos. Following photos of interest on Photovine is very simple and appealing. I do miss the enhancements of Instagram and think Google is missing out by not adding this. It seems this decision was intentional, but maybe they will pivot later and begin to let users to edit their photos beyond cropping. That is the great appeal to Instagram, so if Photovine could do that, everything else about the app seems to be on point.

A point of contention would be following users on Photovine isn’t user friendly at first, but I am sure they will work through that minor point. Now if Instagram added categorization to their photo app, which I am sure they could do fairly quickly, it would be the superior app over Photovine. Either way, both are good apps and it would only make sense that since right now the app is only available on iTunes (Apple), that it will be available for Android in the coming future.

I also imagine since this is a Google product, they will somehow incorporate Photovine into Google Plus in the future. If they don’t that would be pretty stupid. Also while thinking about it, Facebook should buy Instagram and integrate it into Facebook.

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