17yr old invents a micro search engine for better results

Nicholas Schiefer is a 17yr old high school student in Canada. But don’t let his age fool you. Nicholas just won the gold medal at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. He won it by creating something ingenious.

He created a new and better way to search small documents which can be specifically used for things like social media — think Facebook status updates or tweets on Twitter. Sure, there is search now with Google, but Google and other search engines use independent word assumptions which is called “TF-IDF”, Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency which searches words in the query which are independent of each other and have no relationship or context.

Nicholas created his own search algorithm called Apodora. Apodora is a micro search query that searches and looks up words that are contextually related to each other using the semantics of what is being said and not just pulling results based on matching words. The name Nicholas gives the micro search “Apodora” is pretty clever as well as it is named after a python species with extraordinary search capabilities. Although this is just a science fair project, the algorithm has great potential and could possibly provide a site like Twitter a much improved way to search.

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