Google Plus is…..

So far I am really enjoying the Google Plus service. I know many still are not on it yet but that gives me time to learn new things and view different perspectives from others on the network that I may not have communicated with in the past. I am meeting new people and making new connections which is what it’s all about.

The launch of the site has been pretty smooth and for all intents and purposes a success. Well that is, until the whole brand favoritism fiasco started to happen. Oh and can’t forget about last week and the pseudo-name fiasco, which is still very much a large issue, including for myself. Violet Blue does a superb write up on this on ZDnet, I suggest you read it.

For me specifically I go by the name of “David Shares” on Google Plus. You might guess, “Shares” is not my real last name and according to Google, my account could possibly be deleted for this, I guess — I am not sure anymore since all the different stories going around. I would think since T-Pain is on there, I should be able to be on there with my name, right? But this isn’t a bitch fest for me. As I said, I am enjoying the service so far and if Google can get right these issues and stop the favoritism and celebrity vs. regular guy bologna, they can surely come out on top in the end, as Google Plus is way more than just a social network. So what does Google Search think about Google Plus? I am sure you are dying to know. So without further ado, Google Plus is…….

I always give credit where credit is due. I got the idea for Google Plus is after seeing Arthur Hooge’s post.¬†What is Google Plus to you?

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