Facebook buttons top social web integration, Google+ buttons on the rise

It’s not a big surprise to know that Facebook Like buttons dominate the social website integration world. Majority of websites now have the option to ‘like’ a webpage with the Facebook like button.  If you look below every one of our posts, you will see that we integrated AddThis scripting which actually allows you to like, tweet and share our posts on the web.  We also recently added the Google +1 button.  

You would think that since Twitter has been around for a good amount of time now that they would be right behind Facebook with the Tweet button being the second most integrated social button for websites.  This isn’t the case though. A new report from BrightEdge shows that the Google +1 button is actually used more than the Twitter button. What’s amazing about this is that Google+ just launched, so the rise of the +1 button is only going to go up from here, possibly skyrocketing if Google+ takes off as it surely has been already. By this time next year the title to this post could read “Google +1 buttons top social web integration, Facebook falls behind”. Ouch.

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