Help fund cancer research with Bitcoin

imageThe power of Bitcoin. Ever since Bitcoin started to catch momentum, and become more popular especially in 2013, everyone has been doing what they can to contribute to the community. From bitcoin enthusiasts, developers, investors, to vendors; people are contributing to grow the ecosystem of a digital currency that will be competing with all FIAT currencies for years to come.

What a better way to contribute to the bitcoin ecosystem, then with cancer research? That is what PhD scientist Isaac Yonemoto is doing. He is trying to raise money to complete work on a promising cancer fighting compound called 9DS. The 9DS compound has potential as an anti-cancer drug, and some of the early signs indicate that it could be effective on kidney cancer, skin cancer and triple-negative breast cancer.

Yonemoto is a fan of Bitcoin and it’s open source protocol, and wants to follow the same model for his cancer research. “What we’re doing differently from most preclinical research is that we’re going to open source all of our work, and we’re going to release whatever molecules we make without patents. Part of this is because without licensing use of the compound it will be more accessible to all parts of the world,” he said.

To tie it all together, Yonemoto is raising funds for his cancer research using bitcoins. The bitcoins will fund the research, and once they are able to test one variant of 9DS, they will officially name the compound “Satoshimycin" in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

To help fund the cancer research, you can go to the project’s bitcoin donation page, and contribute. 

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