Proof of concept to charge devices wirelessly with ultrasound

Just a couple of weeks ago I talked about a new patent that Apple was awarded that would allow you to charge your Apple devices wirelessly using induction charging technology. This is still a viable and demanding technology that I would like to see come to fruition. However, I just learned about an even better technology that I wanted to share.

Ubeam is a new tech start-up that just invented a totally new concept which they demonstrated at the D9 Conference which shows proof of concept that it works and probably within the near future will be available to mobile device users.

The concept is simple if you use the analogy that Ubeam uses. Think of an audio speaker that plays music. It transmits radio waves from the speaker to your ears. Using ultrasound, Ubeam will transmit very high audible sounds from their charger to a charging station where you can plug in multiple devices. You will then be able to charge multiple devices simultaneously, wirelessly.

The only catch I would say is there can’t be anything blocking the ultrasounds or it won’t work. There are many pro’s to this technology that certainly outweigh the cons. I am really excited about this one and think it will be a huge success if Ubeam gets the right funding.


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