So wait, Tumblr removed Pinned posts?

imageHold the phone, what are you doing Tumblr? About 7 months ago Tumblr released a very neat piece of functionality to the Dashbaord called Pinned posts. It allowed for users to self-promote their Tumblr posts within the Tumblr Dash for a very small fee. This generates revenue for Tumblr, and gives users the opportunity to get more exposure with a single post without having to use Tumblr’s advertising. Now it’s gone? WTF.

Tumblr just recently updated the Dashboard, for a nicer looking more elegant post and edit method. There isn’t a lot of function to it that I can see, maybe there is, but it’s not obvious; so to me it appears to be more aesthetic. With this new change, the Pinned post option is now gone. I can’t find it anywhere, so either Tumblr left it out by mistake, or it was intentional.

The thought of it being intentional baffles my mind a bit. As of this writing, there are 41.9 billion blog posts. Each blog post is eligible to be pinned. Each pin is $5. If even ONE PERCENT of 41 billion blog posts are pinned, that is $410 million dollars! Is 1% a stretch, maybe, maybe not. I know on my dash on any given day I would see ~10 pinned posts. Let’s say it’s half a percent of 41 billion, that cuts the $410 million dollars in half - hello?!

So maybe it wasn’t intentional after all, but it doesn’t seem smart to me, even if they are getting a fraction of $410 million it’s a lot better than zero. The amount of Tumblr users that this feature may have annoyed I don’t think would supersede the value in keeping it in my opinion.

UPDATE: I contacted Tumblr to find out if this was intentional or not, and they contacted me back. Gauging by some of the notes below, I’d imagine many of you will be happy with their statement which is:

"Sorry for any inconvenience, but we no longer support pinned and highlighted posts."

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    yay !! those pinned posts were a real pain in the ass, so glad they’re gone
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    Thank God. People always pinned people with stupid picture-faces.
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    So confused..
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    Whatever, pinned posts sucked, and if people did it I would remove the pin and not read the post.
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    Nicely spot. I haven’t noticed that.
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    Because nobody got refund when we unpinned
  17. gatecityradio said: people abused it way too much, I’m happy it’s gone.
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