Why TechCrunch banned me

Tonight TechCrunch banned me.  Here are the reasons why.  Oh and just to be 100% clear, they banned me from their commenting system (they censored me).

They however did not ban from from their site, probably so that I can still view and click on their stupid interstitial ads.  If you don’t know what a interstitial ad is, basically it’s an advert shoved down your throat when you visit a website that you are forced to view or click before entering the site.

You can ‘skip’ the ad, but the CTR is much higher on interstitial ads vs. any other. Michael Arrington also explained and admitted to this here in his tech blog where I was banned from:

I have commented before on TC and never had any issues.  But tonight apparently was different.  You can see the exchange below that explains what happens.  I do admit my comment wasn’t the nicest in the world, but wasn’t that bad or bad enough to be banned.  Obviously Paul Carr got upset with my comment [which I meant because he really sucked ass at the Crunchies] and couldn’t take the heat so he quickly banned me. 

Then after banning me, Arrington decided to chime in, knowing that I could not reply.  Real ballsy of him.  Anyhoo, you be the judge.  But now I have a better understanding of why Engadget doesn’t like those fellas over at TC.

With that said, I invite Arrington, Carr, any TC’r or anyone for that matter over to my comments below — post whatever you want, I won’t ban you like they did to me. You also will never see interstitial ads on my blog either.

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