iShower lets you listen to music without getting your device wet

Back in the day I would have my boombox sitting in my bathroom where I would put in a CD, or listen to the radio while taking a shower. Times have changed, and so has our technology. No longer do people use boomboxes, they use their mobile devices to stream music. Getting good music in the shower with you with good sound, without damaging your device is a risk at best. So why risk it when you can use a waterproof music player right in the shower with you.

The iShower does just that. What’s best is that it’s a wireless Bluetooth enabled device. You can just hang it or attach it to your shower, and then it will pair up with your mobile device so when your in the shower, just hit play and you have tunes ready to go.

It’s a pretty sweet idea that has been around for a while, but it’s just catching up to the mobile technology we have now. The music system runs on three AA batteries and provides up to 15 hours of listening time, and there’s even a built-in clock.

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    I want this. Don’t need it, but great gift idea!
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    I stopped using boombox when showering only like 2 years ago lol
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    I get really bored in the shower, so music would be nice. but 100 bucks?…I may as well just go with the whole boombox...
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    I seriously thought about this becoming an idea but I’m not an inventor so…
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