New iPhone parts leaked (photos)

New parts for the iPhone were leaked to YouTube earlier by Global Direct Parts (as they intentionally show in their backdrop). Unfortunately, the video was removed from YouTube by Apple.  However, we were able to find a copy of the video (which since has been pulled too) and snag some of the pics that were shown.

The question is now, are these parts for a new iPhone (iPhone 5 maybe) or for the new Verizon iPhone?  Nobody will know just yet, but these are some great pics showing the differences between the current iPhone 4 and this new iPhone.

Charging port flex ribbon on the new iPhone is longer than the previous version.

The audio flex ribbon on the new iPhone is longer as well.

The microphone is connected to the audio flex ribbon which is probably designed to improve the
performance of video chat.

The new iPhone middle plate has bands on both top and bottom which maybe in place to fix the
previous signal issues (“death grip” issues).

The top portion of the new iPhone seems to be configured much differently than the previous version.  
The camera hole on the new iPhone is not there, which brings in question to me the whole validity of
the new parts.  Why would the camera be removed?  Just doesn’t make sense unless they are moving the

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