Will Tumblr become as ubiquitous as Facebook?

When you talk about blogs and blogging platforms in 2012, you can’t help but also hear about Tumblr. Sites like Blogspot and LiveJournal are becoming non-players when it comes to blogging. Posterous was a threat at one point, but their time has ended as well. So what’s left? Well you have the big one, WordPress, and you also have Tumblr.

Tumblr’s popularity has sky rocketed and continues to not only be the place for hipsters but now also for main stream media. Tumblr has conquered their only known weakness, downtime, and has been on golden road to success ever since.

Tumblr by no means is perfect, but has quickly become the place to be, even replacing the void for users of Myspace, where customization is a major selling point for Tumblr which incorporates seamless blogging tools and social networking into what I like to call social blogging.

Will Tumblr one day become as popular to blogging as Facebook is to social networking? Maybe, maybe not. But according to a Google Trend that Tumblr blogger Anarchei has pointed out, the word “Tumblr” is about to surpass the word “Blog” in popularity later this year. Sites like Twitter have become so popular that outlets often times refer to it as the Twittersphere. We also refer to Blogs in general as the Blogosphere. So with Tumblr becoming the face of blogging, as Facebook is the face of social networking, will we soon call Blogs, the Tumblverse? I highly doubt it, but Tumblsphere has a decent ring to it.

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