The Cryoscope, a haptic weather forecasting device

Sometimes, when I am getting ready for my day, I like to feel the current temperature outside. Typically this involves me actually going outside and feeling how it is. Robb Godshaw took this basic task and turned it into something really cool, called the Cryoscope.

The Cryoscope is a haptic weather forecasting device; meaning it’s a device that uses touch to relay back information, in this case the current temperature of the weather outside. To use the Cryoscope, you simply touch the aluminum surface of the cube shaped device and you will instantly get to feel the weather outside, from temps from 100 degrees down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s pleasantly designed and seems like a cool idea (pun intended!).

But is it practical? That is the question posed by my friend Max Yoder, founder of Quipol. Naturally he posted a quipol about it, which is embedded below. So, what say you?

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